Of A Time Of Friendship And Grace
Nilima Sinha
An Elsewhere Place: Boyhood Days In Hazaribagh by Nilima Sinha Speaking Tiger, 2018, 184 pp., 299
May 2018, volume 42, No 5

Childhood days are generally remembered with nostalgia for the moments of fun, adventure and friendship of a magical past. It is a time of love and laughter, of shared secrets and friendly quarrels, and of the snug reading of books alternating with the boisterous playing of games. All this and more is brought back to the reader through the pages of the book, An Elsewhere Place: Boyhood Days in Hazaribagh.

The book becomes doubly interesting when it is read by someone who has known the said ‘elsewhere place’ and has just as nostalgic memories of the place it is set in. I did not spend my childhood in Hazaribagh but had visited it often during those long ago days when it was a quiet, charming little town surrounded by hills and forests. And today, we have a home there where we stay for long periods. There is a great difference between then and now. From the little resort town of yore Hazaribagh has turned into a busy, bustling place with traffic jams and concrete buildings crowding out the huge, shady trees that once lined its roads.

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