Multinationals and the Developing World
Aswhini K. Ray
Multinational Firms by S. Shiva Rau Sultan Chand and Sons, 1976, pp., 30.00
Global Giantsby P.K. Ghosh & V.S. Minocha Sultan Chand and Sons, 1977, pp., 35.00
Nov-Dec 1978, volume 3, No 3

With the increasing realization of the role of Multinational corporation as the coupling mechanism in the structural linkage between the ‘centre’ of the Imperi­alist system with its ‘periphery’ the literature on the working of Multinationals in the Developing world continues to grow. By now, in purely quantitative terms, the literature on the subject is quite formid­able. Though the books under review provide no new insights into this subject are welcome attempts as they deal with it with specific reference to India.

Shiva Rau’s book is a dilettantish attempt at analysing the goals, motiva­tions and business strategy of the Multi­nationals. It contains an equally perfunc­tory discussion on the impact of ‘environ­ment’ on the MNCs, and includes some ‘guidelines to Indian investors abroad’ and a ‘case study of the operation of the Raymond Mills (belonging to the JK group of India) in Kenya to conclude that ‘export and establishment of subsidiaries in foreign countries are related’.

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