Mental Health in Rural India
Nitin Desai
THE GREAT UNIVERSE OF KOTA: STRESS, CHANGE AND MENTAL DISORDER IN AN INDIAN VILLAGE By G.M. Carstairs and R.L. Kapur by G.M. Carstairs and R.L. Kapur The Hogarth Press, 1977, 176 pp., 95.00
July-August 1977, volume 2, No 4

Professor Carstairs is best known in India for his study of personality formation in a traditional Hindu society—The Twice ­Born. That study dealt with the social determinants of a ‘normal’ personality and relied mostly on an imaginative use of the clinical method, most of the evid­ence being essentially anecdotal. This study, co-authored with an Indian psy­chiatrist, Professor R.L. Kapur of the Natio­nal Institute of Mental Health, Banga­lore, is rather different.

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