Maya and Bharata
Dipavali Sen
MAYABHARATA: THE UNTOLD STORY BEHIND THE DEATH OF LORD KRISHNA by Meghnad Desai Rupa Publications, New Delhi, 2022, 144 pp., ₹ 295.00
June 2023, volume 47, No 6

This cleverly titled book focuses on an enigmatic and neglected aspect of Lord Krishna.

Krishna’s death has hardly received attention compared to his birth and childhood celebrated still as Janmashtami.

In the Mahabharata, he was mistakenly shot in the foot by a hunter. But who was the hunter and how did he happen to be on the spot? This question had intrigued Lord Meghnad Desai since he was ‘a young boy of fifteen years or so’ (pp. vi-vii). At eighty-two, with his international exposure, his readings and his ingenuity, he has pieced together an answer. The novel has 28 chapters with several protagonists telling their stories in parts. The reader has to fit them together like in a jigsaw puzzle. But readability helps him in assembling a possible, if not substantiated, story.

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