Lovis Simon
Lovis Simon
YOU CAN’T FIND ME by Jemma Jose Pratham Books, 2018, 24 pp., 50
November 2019, volume 43, No 11
Lovis Simon
By Jemma Jose. Illustrations by Jemma Jose
Pratham Books, 2018, pp. 24, R50.00

Which child doesn’t love to play? One of the first memories that came to my mind on seeing the title was about my childhood where I used to play hide-and-seek with my siblings. Games are one of the best mediums       to connect with children. It is however, unfortunate that as we reach the state of adulthood, we become quite lazy to play as we tend to stereotype the idea of games to be attached with children most often. You can’t Find Me by Jemma Jose explores the child’s thoughts of being good at hiding wherein she asks the readers to find her from the places that she visits. Mia, the protagonist, is an enthusiastic girl who claims that she is best at the game of hide-and-seek. The writing in the book is in conversational style which the reader will definitely find amusing. The plot of the story revolves around the protagonist visiting markets.

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