Living Life Positively
Jayati Gupta
ALKA AND OTHER STORIES by Goutam Das(Translated from the original Bengali by Ratna Jha) Ratna Books, 2022, 208 pp., INR 449
September 2023, volume 47, No 9

Translating literature from a bhasha/regional language into English or any other target language is always a daunting task for the translator. Alongside the actual story and its characters, the skill of bringing alive the cultural nuances, the ambience and the environment is a remarkable talent. Alka and Other Stories by Goutam Das is a compilation of fifteen short narratives that succinctly capture the philosophy of everyday living. Sensitively told and compellingly structured, the stories depict middle- and lower middle class life in Kolkata and mostly rural and semi-urban small-town Bengal.

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