Life World as a Journey
Pia David
THE KHAN: I AM JUSTICE… by Pia David , 2021, 328 pp., 499.00
December 2021, volume 45, No 12

The book traces the journey of Jia, an immigrant of Pashtun origin living in a place that is not named. The story unravels following a family’s life story partly in England and partly in Pakistan.
The predicament that is being faced by the protagonist leads her to journey on the path of reluctant self-discovery. A father murdered, a feudal lord dead, Jia Khan trained as a Barrister is compelled to face what was to be done as she belongs to a clan which has connections with a crime syndicate, a family business. The story takes one to the city in the North, Khyber Pakhuntwa with the family’s journey completing in Yorkshire. The author’s style makes the characters come alive in their locations, with vivid descriptions of life in the city.

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