Jurisdiction In Cyberspace
Mahima Kaul
THE ELECTRONIC SILK ROAD: HOW THE WEB BINDS THE WORLD TOGETHER IN COMMERCE by Anupam Chander Yale University Press, London, 2015, 296 pp., $30.00
May 2015, volume 39, No 5

The argument for an electronic silk road, promoting free trade and by extension, harmonious global values and laws, is an inherently appealing idea to all digital natives used to an ‘open web’ ex-perience. Anupam Chander himself a prod¬uct of parents who migrated from India to the US in search of a better life, expertly lays bare the changes in global trade patterns— and the resulting complications—in his book The Electronic Silk Road: How the Web Binds the World Together in Commerce, released in 2014 in South Asia. Aside from the easy nar¬rative exploring complicated developments, Chander’s book is especially pertinent for an Indian audience, looking to profit off this free trade, often without reading the fine print.

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