Interpreting An Ouvre
by A. Banerjee , , pp.,
October 2006, volume 30, No 10

Alternate Lyricism is a confused mélange of essays written for Jehangir Jani’s different shows and some composed specifically for this publication. Contributors include Shivaji Panikkar, Ranjit Hoskote, Nancy Adjania, Mortimer Chatterjee, Girish Shahane, Anupa Mehta and Deeptha Achar. The essays have been gathered by Ratnottama Sengupta, whose own contribution is an interview with Jani. Jehangir Jani is an interesting artist. His works traverse a range of materials, formats and issues. This book has works which date from 1991 when he had his first show to works from 2005. Throughout, Jani’s work has focused on discussions of alternate sexuality (particularly gay), religion (particularly Islamic and Hindu practices), figuration and the materiality of art. His work is rich, always offering the seduction of the work as the context for analysis and advocacy. The book amply provides the reader with a sense of the sumptuousness of Jani’s oeuvre; there are no blurred lines and dull images which induce glumness and disinterest in the reader though the design appears to be rushed and executed without much nuance or forethought.

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