H.K. Kaul
Philosophy of User Education by Girja Kumar and Krishan Kumar Vikas Publishing House, Delhi, 1984, 247 pp., 125
March-April 1984, volume 8, No 5

With the contemporary infor¬mation explosion, and in view of the growth of literacy rates around the world, the organization and dissemination of knowledge are going to be the basic functions of information scientists and librarians in the years to come. These person¬nel, otherwise generally well trained in the organi-zation of knowledge, have yet to bridge the gap between the inform¬ation in store and its ideal use by the users. Barring some research institutes, it has been noticed that the librarians in the developing countries are unaware of the needs of users. And the users, on the other hand, know very little about the book-collections they can use or the help that librarians and information scientists can provide. Thus, there is compelling need for the edu¬cation of users as well as of librarians and information scientists in enhancing the use of the available information to the greatest extent possible.

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