Indira Bagchi
Indira Bagchi
SIYAR AUR MOR by Prabhat Eklavya, 2019, 20 pp., 60
November 2019, volume 43, No 11

Indira Bagchi


By Prabhat, Seema, Deepali and Apoorva Raje. Illustrations by Maukh Ghosh

Eklavya, 2019, pp. 20, R60.00


This never ending beautiful folktale is an all time favourite of children. The greedy and cunning Jackal and the colourful peacock were friends. Both decided to prepare a special meal of Dal Bati (a special dish of Rajasthan). Once it is ready, the peacock goes for a bath and the greedy jackal eats up the entire dish prepared by both. When the peacock shows his anger the jackal eats the peacock. Later he eats the old woman, the calf , the bear and ultimately he eats the elephant. Now his stomach is so bloated that he is unable to move. He comes to a river and drinks a lot of water along with the fish and the alligator swimming in the river. The jackal’s poor stomach cannot take it anymore and it bursts open. Result: all the animals come out and run away from there. The cunning jackal lies on the road with his stomach open. The tailor bird sees him like that and as is her habit , she starts stitching him up and the story goes on.

A beautifully illustrated story. The visuals of the animals inside the jackal’s stomach are fantastic and kids will really enjoy them. The language is simple and flows smoothly. Children get introduced to different animals and the tailor bird. They also learn about the Rajasthani special dish of Dal Bati.

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