This joyful little book by Rajiv Eipe is the perfect way for a young reader to enter the magical universe of books and reading, by being transported into a world seen from the wonder-filled eyes of a little boy. Each page is delicately illustrated with just enough detail to make it fascinating. The alliterative and code-mixed vocabulary with a generous sprinkling of onomatopoeia, is carefully chosen so that a Level 1 reader can enjoy the sounds of the words and make sense of most of them. I can visualize the wide-eyed attention with which the young reader would listen to the story being read out and perhaps put a grubby finger on each new magical fellow creature of our world, as it is introduced on each page. The skies are just clearing after a shower of rain and as the leaves shake off the last of the raindrops, a little boy bursts upon the scene, and jumps straight into an irresistible puddle. From here begins the exploration of the wonderland just outside his front door and we are introduced to all the citizens of this natural paradise, from slugs and snails to barbets and spiders, wildflowers and tailor birds. No leaf is left unturned, and no corner forgotten and as evening turns to dusk and the boy goes home, the day has been well spent. It was William Blake who reminded us that if we look carefully enough, it is possible to see ‘a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower’; and this book does just that.