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Rishikesha T. Krishnan
THE RANBAXY STORY: THE RISE OF AN INDIAN MULTINATIONAL by Bhupesh Bhandari Penguin/Viking, 2006, 240 pp., 450
January 2006, volume 30, No 1

Outside the Information Technology industry, Ranbaxy is India’s most genuinely multinational company. This well-researched book tells the story of Ranbaxy’s evolution. Bhupesh Bhandari has woven the tale well – it has strong personalities, serendipitous events, the twists and turns of policy changes, and even intrigue. Far from being a dry account of business history, The Ranbaxy Story is thus a highly readable work of contemporary business history. This story has two central characters – Bhai Mohan Singh, the patriarch with his roots in present-day Pakistan, a businessman of the old school, opportunistic in thinking and with the grace and manner to build relationships with anyone who could possibly help his business interests. “Dr. Singh” is the other, the scholarly son of Bhai Mohan Singh with a Ph.D. in Pharmacy from a top American University, a sharp contrast to his father, quiet, taciturn, aloof.

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