Flights Of Reality
N. Kalyani
OF BIRDS AND BIRDSONG by M. Krishnan. Edited by Santhi and Ashish Chandola Aleph Book Company,, 2013, 328 pp., 595
June 2013, volume 37, No 6

Of Birds and Birdsong serves the purpose of a reference book, text book and field guide without being one. It is lay person-friendly. And it is useful for the nature specialist. It brings together the writings of M. Krishnan (1912-1996), which are engaging and fascinating, to say the least. This collection of Krishnan’s notes and writings written mainly in the 1940s and 50s, exclusively on birds, describes the birds with such lucidity and attention to detail that one will, of course, have the joy of reading the book, but will also subsequently and desirably try to seek out the species in their habitats and watch the birds in their neighbourhood and the wilderness.

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