Dialogue with a Historic Past: A Panoramic View
Meena Bhargava
DELHI AND ITS ENVIRONS BEFORE 1857: THE ACCOUNT OF RAMJI DAS, SARISHTADAR (ZIKR-E UMURAT-E AM ZILA-E DEHLI) by Translated and Annotated by Shama Mitra Chenoy Primus Books, New Delhi, 2023, 204 pp., INR 1295.00
February 2024, volume 48, No 2

Situating Ramji Das’s Zikr-e Umurat-e Am Zila-e Dehli among the other works on Delhi–Muraqqa-e Dehli, Sair-ul Manazil, Reminiscences of Imperial Delhi, Asar-us Sanadid and Waqiat-e Dar-ul Hukumat-e Dehli–written between the eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries, Shama Mitra Chenoy through this translation emphasizes the importance of Delhi and the prominent place it occupied in these writings. Each author, however, had distinct concerns,

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