Contemporary Record
THE BATTLE FRONTS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA by Colin Legum Africana Publishing Company, New York/ London, 1989, 450 pp., price not stated
Sept-Oct 1989, volume 13, No 5

This reviewer, who has enjoyed the friendship of Colin Legum for the past two decades, can without any fear of contradiction describe him as perhaps the most knowledgeable commentator on matters concerning the vast continent of Africa. Having met him several times in India, Africa, London and New York and having participated with him in a couple of international seminars on Africa, it would be fair to call him a leading Africanist. Essentially a journalist, he is highly respected even by academics from Africa, the United States and Britain.

Colin Legum should be fairly known in India, because he has been contributing articles on Africa for The Times of India for the past many years. A passionate lover of freedom and peace, he is a known opponent of apartheid and all it stands for.

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