Ved Vatuk

This book of verse is dedicated to ‘Pavitra—the Purest Love’ and the poems themselves are saturated with the theme of love. Untitled and only num­bered, they unveil a poetic personality which is affectionate, has the capacity to feel…

Reviewed by: Keshav Malik
K.G. Subramanyan

The combination of being an able scholar, critic and artist is rare enough, but to combine this with an influential teaching career is an achievement. At the University of Baroda, Professor K.G. Subramanyam has inspired more than two generations of artists, not only by his own work but by the impact of his critical writings.

Reviewed by: Geeti Sen
Partha Mitter

Partha Mitter has written a care­fully documented study of the history of European reactions to Indian art. Indian sculpture, architecture and even painting seem to have presented insuperable difficulties to the westerner in the past and even today he has still ‘to find a way to appreciate the values of Indian art in its own context and in its own right.’

Reviewed by: Jaya Appaswamy
General Sir John Hackett

There are groups of men around the world whose sole occupation is to plan for offensive and defensive wars; these include nuclear conflicts. Buried in Oper­ations Directorates these contingency planners must foresee all possible threats to a country’s national security, however remote; they must also draw up military plans…

Reviewed by: P.R. Chari
Maj. Gen. Lachhman Singh

Much opportunistic literature has been churned out on the emergence of Bangla Desh. Disappointingly, published material of relevance to a combatman or a keen student of military history has been restricted to some broad brushwork by people who were not quite near the scene of action…

Reviewed by: C. Vithal
Lt. Colonel J.R. Saigal

On the evening of November 17,1962, between seven o’clock and eleven o’clock, three senior General Officers sat in the Operations Room of HQ IV Corps at Tezpur, arguing among themselves endlessly whether four Infantry Division should be ordered to withdraw from Sela without offering battle…

Reviewed by: D.K. Palit