Blueprint for a Journey in ‘Teen Years’
Kartik Bajoria
PARENTING IN THE AGE OF ANXIETY: RAISING CHILDREN IN INDIA IN THE 21st CENTURY by Abha Adams Aleph Book Company, 2022, 224 pp., ₹399.00
May 2023, volume 47, No 5

Abha Adams’s reputation as India’s preeminent educationist precedes her, and for good reason. As a pioneering force in education, amongst her many accomplishments, her instrumental contribution in the birth and setting-up of the country’s iconic institutions, widely regarded as schools that are centres of excellence—Shriram Schools & Step by Step, themselves speak volumes of her knowledge and insights. In a life dedicated to education, her enduring and distinguished career began when she was herself a student at Lady Shri Ram College. Abha Adams is the embodiment of wisdom, a fountainhead of an all-encompassing philosophy of teaching and parenting, that has today become more relevant, more pressing and urgent than ever.

It is in this very real context, against a backdrop of severe identity-crisis and a loss-of-self, that Abha’s book Parenting in the Age of Anxiety: Raising Children in the 21st Century, becomes pertinent, immediately applicable, and serves a dire need of being a guide to parents, caregivers, guardians, teachers, mentors and principals, alike.

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