Andre Malraux: Portrait of the Adventurer
Shoba Sadagopan
No Book Name by No Author , , pp.,
Jan-Feb 1977, volume 2, No 1/2

I do not think of society as being bad, or as capable of being bettered. I consider it absurd.
-Garine in Les Conquerants

We know that we have not chosen to be born, that we will not choose to die. That we can do nothing against time. That between each of us and universal life there is a sort of gulf. When I say that each man experiences deep within himself the prescience of destiny, I mean that he experiences—and almost always tragically … the world’s indifference vis-a-¬vis himself.
-The Walnut Trees of Altenburg

It is in the nature of a civilization of action that each man should be, as it were, possessed by
action. Action as against contemplation; a human life and sometimes the passing moment, as against eternity …

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