Across A Spectrum Of Experiences
Sailajaa Chennat
SCHOOL WORLDS: AN ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDY by Anuradha Sharma Sage Publications, Delhi, 2018, 217 pp., 795
January 2018, volume 42, No 1

Ethnography is the study of social interactions and behaviour that occur within communities or organizations. Specifically, school ethnographies can capture a spectrum of experiences that characterize life at school such as play, curiosity, appreciation, joy, love and admiration for people and happenings; more importantly, they can capture the broader social, economic and political aspects of schools. They   can also spark off deeper and more instinctual auto ethnographic perspectives.

School Worlds by Anuradha Sharma presents a study of a private co-educational secondary school situated in urban Delhi which has a special wing for the underprivileged children, named Pratyantar, which is run in the after-hours of the main school. She attempts to understand the elements embedded in the processes of the school which intersect with the social class, gender and religious identity of students studying in the school. Additional detailed foci that have been covered in depth are pedagogy and discipline as practised by the school.

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