A Young Woman in Search of a Story
Malati Mukherjee
SYLVIA: DISTANT AVUNCULAR ENDS by Maithreyi Karnoor Tranquebar/Westland Publications, 2021, 184 pp., ₹499.00
May 2023, volume 47, No 5

All rest and all peace is for the living

Know peace while you can

What if what lies ahead is more of the same thing

Get some sleep tonight.

Translator, poet and writer Maithreyi Karnoor has received the Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship for creative writing and translation at Literature Across Frontiers, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. She has won the Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati Prize for translation and has been shortlisted for the Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize and the Montreal International Poetry Prize. This is her debut novel.

Navigating through life, we meet countless people; some in fleeting relationships, and others in abiding ones. We leave enduring impressions of each other, in an intricately woven tapestry of intriguing design and colour. These impressions may differ so vastly from one another that a single person may appear as several characters. The unique format of Maithreyi Karnoor’s Sylvia: Distant Avuncular Ends, underscores these impressions and connections.

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