A Triumph, Not Ordeal
Krishna Kripalani
THE ORDEAL OF LOVE: C.F. ANDREWS AND INDIA by Krishna Kripalani Oxford University Press, 1979, 350 pp., 90.00
Mar-Apr-May-June 1980, volume 4, No 3/4/5/6

Professor Hugh Tinker has written a fine, and also a very timely biography. Andrews died in April 1940 in Calcutta. Nine years later, Allen and Unwin pub­lished his first and still the most defi­nitive biography written by two devoted friends and admirers, Banarsidas Chatur­vedi and Marjorie Sykes. In between, two shorter volumes were published in London by John Hoyland and Nied Maenicol. Since then the British interest in Andrews, which was never high, further dimmed, so that as Hugh Triker has pointed out in the prologue, when ‘a quaker admirer urged Radio Birmingham—the local radio station of the city where he lived in boyhood, a city with thousands of Indians and Pakistani citizens—to include a pro­gramme to mark his centenary, she receiv­ed a blunt answer: We have never heard of him.’ This biography is therefore a very timely one, particularly for British and foreign readers.

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