A Story of Brand-Building
Saurabh Deshpande
INDIAN ICON: A CULT CALLED ROYAL ENFIELD by Amrit Raj Westland, 2020, 320 pp., 699.00
May 2021, volume 45, No 5

When a friend sent me a copy of Indian Icon by Amit Raj, the timing was great! It had been a regrettably long time since I had read a good book and I was looking for something to get back into the habit. We have had Bullets in our family for three generations, so I would certainly count myself a part of the ‘cult’.

Amit Raj elucidates the ‘cult’ of Royal Enfield (RE), in a 32-page prologue, that for me was the most magical part of the book. Those 32 pages—providing glimpses of several RE/ Bullet die-hards or let me say legends—took me a few hours to read because after every story, I would try to visualize those glimpses and it would have been lovely to have photographs to embellish the storytelling. But this is not a coffee-table book about RE legends (which may not be a bad idea either); as a prologue to the story of a brand, it does a great job of showcasing the power of the brand.

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