A Story In Parallel
Indu Liberhan
A DISOBEDIENT GIRL by Ru Freeman Simon & Schuster, London, 2014, 384 pp., Price not stated
April 2014, volume 38, No 4

D isobedient Girl by Ru Freeman is a story, in parallel, about two wo-men living in two different periods of time and in different situations. The novel is set in Sri Lanka against the backdrop of the political upheaval and social unrest of that time.

On the one hand there is Latha, a young orphan girl who comes to the house of the Vinthrages to work and on the other is Biso, a married woman with three children who runs away from her murderous husband so that she and her children can live a better life. The novel is about the journey through life of these two women—and the reader is curious to find out if and when the twain shall meet and with what result.

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