A Multi-faceted Presentation
N. Kamala
INDIA AND FRANCE: MOVING INTO THE 21ST CENTURY by Kokila Rangachari. Consulting Editor, Kishore Singh FICCI, 2012, 370 pp., 2500
April 2012, volume 36, No 4

This is a glossy coffee table book commemorating 60 year of diplomatic relations between France and India brought out under the aegis of FICCI, with messages from the presidents of both the republics, and a foreword by the president of FICCI. However, the introduction by Dileep Padgaonkar signals that the current volume is more than just a pretty coffee table book. The book show-cases wide-ranging, deep interests of the two countries that present areas from history and politics to those of hospitality and tourism.

Divided into eight sections, namely History, Politics, Government, Education and Culture; Commerce and Trade; Aerospace and Defence; Agriculture and Food Process-ing; Civil Nuclear Energy; Luxury and Fa-shion; Information Technology and Telecom-munications; Pharmaceuticals; Urban Tran-sport and Infrastructure; Tourism, Hospitality and Wine, this is like a thali meal and we get a taste of all Franco-Indian relations.

While it may be tempting to dip into all that is on offer, it would be wise to present some examples taken at random but of interest to at least this reviewer!

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