A Handy Reference Book
Ali Ahmed
NUCLEAR SOUTH ASIA: KEYWORDS AND CONCEPTS by Rajesh Rajagopalan Routledge, New Delhi, 2015, 306 pp., 850
May 2015, volume 39, No 5

The book is a long awaited one on three counts. One is that it fills a gap in South Asian strategic affairs litera¬ture and on that score will be valued by stu¬dents and initiates among the attentive pub¬lic. The second is that its explication of the well chosen entries is such that it settles some of the misconceptions that have attended strategic terms. Third, there has been a re¬current demand for a shared vocabulary and common understanding of it, for use both within the Indian strategic community and with interlocutors across the border. In do¬ing this, the book does not neglect ‘western’ definitions even as it adapts them to Indian and regional usage and conditions, a case in point being ‘massive retaliation’.

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