Veena Zutshi
CAN YOU? by Sheela Preuitt and Prabha Ram. Illustrations by Ashok Rajagopalan Tulika Books, Chennai, , 24 pp., 135.00
November 2020, volume 44, No 11

Can you taste with your toes? Or see with your ears? Or, at least, smell with your hair? No? Well, there are creatures around you that can!

Take a peek into an intriguing world to discover the different ways in which animals do things that are ‘normal’. And look out for the funny bits in the pictures!  So says the blurb of this book. In conceptualizing their picture books, Tulika Books, Chennai, believe that by looking at pictures and absorbing their details, early learners develop the basic skills required for reading and for later enjoying the nuances of language.

Can You? Gives us some interesting facts about the habits of insects and other creatures which we are normally not aware of. The author sets out the answers with colourful and fascinating illustrations. Children in the age group of six+ will enjoy this book. Even adults will find it illuminating.

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