Rafia Reshi
ONLY FOOLS GO TO SCHOOL by Chatura Rao. Illustrations: Proiti Roy Pratham Books, 2020, 20 pp., 55.00
November 2020, volume 44, No 11

Only Fools Go To School by Chatura Rao is based on a beautiful story that deals with the adventures of a little boy named Sambha, who is initially very reluctant to go to school. He feels that the school is for fools and hence spends most of his time outside or with his father in fields. He is more of a playful child who enjoys keeping an eye on termite hills and beehives instead of attending classes.

At the start itself, it is mentioned that Sambha is very curious about the new teacher. One fine morning, by coincidence, Sambha  meets his new teacher Sunita and she takes him to the school. The other half of the book revolves around how Sunita as a teacher plays an important role in shaping

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