In the lockdown, I read the entire Keeper of the Lost Cities series, written by Shannon Messenger.  There are eight books in total in the series. I was encouraged to read it by my dear friend
Shriya Kothari, and since we have similar tastes in books, I decided
to try and see how I liked her recommendation. Thank God I did because I simply loved them! I was so obsessed that I read a book a day and was very sad to finish the series. The eighth book was a cliffhanger and there are rumors that there will be another sequel,
8.5 called ‘Unlocked that is supposed to be published on  17 November, 2020. Hopefully, it will answer readers’ questions
about the story, like who Sophie’s father is or what Keefe’s new ability is.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about the first book in the series, which is called Keeper of the Lost City. Sophie Foster is a 12 year old girl who can read other people’s minds. She thinks she is alone in having this power. Till one day, when she meets Fitz. It is another day at school, and her class has a trip to the museum. When Fitz appears in the museum, almost out of thin air, Sophie is taken aback. She realizes he has the same power as her. The book is about how Sophie tries to control her power–you can imagine how distracting it must be if you can read people’s minds–and what her purpose in life is. She is also trying to figure herself out.

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