CHUDAIL KA NASHTA AUR ANYA KAHANIA by Rinchin. Illustrations by Kanak Shashi. Translated from the original English by Sushil Joshi, Varsha and Shashi Sublok. Edited by Seema Eklavya, Edelgive & Parag Initiative, 2020, 84 pp., 70.00
November 2020, volume 44, No 11

The book under review consists of seven stories, based on rural backgrounds. The people’s struggle to save their small landholdings from the sharks from the urban areas form the basis of the stories. ‘Chudail ka Nashta’, ‘Me Mor Jamin Bachawat Hun’, ‘Baramasi Jungle’ and ‘Vidroh ki Chhap Chhap’  all  deal with confrontation of villagers with the land grabbers and how the constant tussles impact young minds. Issues of gender, environment, challenges of livelihoods and the struggle to make both ends meet, highlight how childhood is lost in the face of poverty.

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