by Gita Wolf , , pp.,
November 2006, volume 30, No 11

We are forever surrounded by masks. The kathakali dancer in performance; the goalkeeper in hockey; the rescue worker at a collapsed building site; the traffic policeman at a busy, polluted intersection; the football fan with painted face; the robber at a bank heist; the surgeon at work; and even a heavily made-up Page 3 socialite—they all use masks of one kind or another. Some of these masks are functional and are meant to protect the wearer from hazards. The hockey goalkeeper, rescue worker, traffic policeman, and surgeon fall in this category. Others erase the identity of the wearer—the football fan and the robber. Then there are those which help you assume a totally different identity—the kathakali dancer falls in this category, and some would include the Page 3 socialite as well!

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