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Mohua Bhattacharya
TALES FROM THE WILD by Dr. Raza H. Tehsin Unicorn Books, 2011, 191 pp., 96
November 2011, volume 35, No 11

Dr. Raza H. Tehsin is a well-known conserva-tionist and wildlife expert, and the book begins with high praise for his work on wildlife conservation in Southern Rajasthan and his vast experience as a naturalist. His love for nature is quite apparent when you read this collection of short stories based on wild animals and their interaction with humans, written by him and his daughter. The book is aimed at the young adult and classed as ‘edutainment’ by the authors. The twelve stories in the collection are packed with factual information about the home, haunts and habits of the animals that possibly are native to Southern Rajasthan, although it is not specified as so. The ‘Story About the Five Stripes’ tells you all about the antics of the Palm Squirrel, while the ‘Giant Rock That Ate the Fish’ enlightens you about the life and characteristics of a Smooth Indian Otter.

You get to know about the minute details of wild boars if you read ‘The Prince and the Wild Boars’, and ‘A Tale of Two Hunter’ gives you an account of the habits of the dhole or the Asiatic wild dog. The authors’ inherent connection with nature comes across clearly from their writing style where different species of animals, including humans, talk to each other.

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