Geeta Parameswaran
Ponytale Books by Cheryl Rao Ponytale Books, 2013, 112 pp., 125
November 2013, volume 37, No 11

Vacation!! Kids eagerly wait and plan well before for the vacation. That is what Sunny also does in A Passage to Adventure. How does Sunny’s vacation turn out? To find out read the book.

A Passage to Adventure is an adventure story about five kids (Sunny, Vivek, Venna, Arundhati and Pragyavati). Sunny is devastated when he comes to know his father is getting married to a fashion designer who is already a mother of two daughters. So when school closes for the vacation Sunny with his two friends, Vivek and Veena and also with his two newly found sisters, sets out for Kanpur to his grandmother’s place to spend the holiday together. Sunny knows that this vacation is not going to be as funny and happy as usual.

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