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C.S.G. Prasad
SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA by B R Nanda Vikas, New Delhi, 1977, 169 pp., 35.00
March-April 1977, volume 2, No 3/4

When one opens a volume like this with an impressive array of contributors, one does so with a certain expectation. But this volume disappoints totally. B.R. Nanda’s introductory article sets a tone for the rest of the book. It is an uninspired piece of writing and only summarizes what the other eleven articles have to say. Nanda does not examine the points raised by the contributors within any particular critical framework and so it is with the other contributors. Most of the articles in themselves are informative and certainly readable but none of them raises any fundamental issues, the one exception being E.C.G. Sudershan’s article which is definitely provocative.Throughout the volume one senses a basic acceptance of certain dogmas which are now being increasingly questioned. For example, almost all writers seem to equate growth with increase in GNP. This, to say the least. is an extremely questionable assumption. There is again no analysis of suitable and alternative technologies.

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