Nepal in Transition
Rita Manchanda
FOREVER INCOMPLETE: THE STORY OF NEPAL by Sebastian Einsiedel Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2015, 278 pp., 495
February 2015, volume 39, No 2

‘Insider’ Accounts

Nepal in Transition: From Peoples War to Fragile Peace straddles two choices—pulling in the writings of influential scholars who have politically explained the Maoist insurgency—Mahendra Lawoti (academic), Deepak Thapa (social scientist) and Devendra Raj Panday, (policy maker and civil society leader), Roderick Chalmers (International Crisis Group), as well as focusing on the theme of external peacemaking in Nepal and pulling in the writings of some key practitioners—Ian Martin (UNMIN), Teresa Whitfield (Centre on International Cooperation and Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue), Jorg Frieden (Swiss Coop Office, UNMIN Nepal), Friedrick Rawski (International Commission of Jurists, Nepal), S.D. Muni (Professor, Special Envoy) and of course the three editors—Einsiedel (political affairs UNMIN), Malone (Ambassador, IDRC head) and Pradhan (UN political officer).

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