Of Indomitable Womanhood
TRUTH TALES by Contemporary writing by Indian Wome Kali for Women, 1987, 207 pp., 45.00
Jan-Feb 1987, volume 11, No 1

The Indian woman perhaps more than her sisters in other parts of the world is a fascinating creature. In spite of all the amazing odds against her, she emerges undefeated in spirit though often humbled in circumstance. Time and again we come across typical personalities—the eternal mother, the young urban working woman, the desperate survivor—a fraction of some we see when we look into each other’s eyes.

Kali for Women has put together an intriguing set of short stories, Truth Tales, by distinguished contributors translated into English. This itself is a commendable. and formidable task with room for improvement in the translation. Personally I got immense satisfaction looking at this little volume because during the early years of The Book Review the founding trio sought to publish reviews concerning literature in regional languages and carried regular reviews by Prabhakar Machwe, Mulk Raj Anand, Mrinal Pande and Monika Verroa, among others.

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