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Deepti Saini
DUSTER by Richa Jha Pickle Yolk, 2021, 32 pp., 350.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Duster is about a dog who is not really a dog. Or is he a dog but no one believes so? Duster likes things that a cat likes and he dislikes things that a dog is supposed to like. His human is disappointed in him for not behaving like a dog. Duster tries his best to be a dog but is unable to keep up the performance for long. His human then brings another dog—Buster. Is Buster really a dog? Is he a cat too? We do not get to know. But Duster the dog finds peace with himself and his human finally accepts him for all that he is.

The picture book with bright hues of colour yellow, purple and green is catchy. The use of the same colours brings a continuity in the book, and yet, the placement of text at a different position on every page grabs the attention of its young readers. With one or two simple lines per page, the book conveys that identity must not be defined by the expectations of society.

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