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Parul Batra Duggal
DUGGA by Rajiv Eipe Pratham, 2022, 38 pp., 65.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

When an author is also an illustrator, or an illustrator also writes stories, and she or he conceives a book that takes shape—then the magic that happens is what you can see in Rajiv Eipe’s Dugga!

Dugga is a wordless picture book, or a pure picture storybook. The cover shows the image of a fox-like dog. At first glimpse it appears like any common stray dog, but on seeing carefully you are able to see what may have happened with her. However, whatever happened or happens, Dugga has a smile on her face. For an instant, the cover gives an impression of some folk art—but then you see images of Dugga emerging in its various moods and postures!

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