An Overflowing Cauldron
Ujithra Ponniah
VOICE AND MEMORY: INDIGENOUS IMAGINATION AND EXPRESSION by G.N. Devy Orient Blackswan, New Delhi, 2014, 341 pp., 645
April 2014, volume 38, No 4

This edited volume of essays is a critical enquiry into the polyphonic cultures and literatures of indigenous people across the world and is a companion volume to Indigeneity: Culture and Representation (2009). These two collections of select essays were compiled after the ‘Chotro’ conference that was organized in Delhi. ‘Chotro’ means a ‘place where villagers gather’ and a ‘place of announcing news’ and is an apt title for a conference that brings together such diverse disciplines, regions and participants. This volume brings numerous areas that have received scant scholarly attention under scrutiny like the study of mythologies and origin histories of indigenous people, their literary traditions, marginalized languages, modes of artistic expressions, art criticism and their political ideologies. It stretches the borders of ‘literature’ to include expressions in oral traditions.

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