Ajit Kumar Pradhan
RIDDLES FOR THE ENGLISH CLASSROOM by Phool Singh Narvaria Pagemaker Publication, Bhubaneswar, 2014, 155 pp., 60
November 2014, volume 38, No 11

Let’s solve the following riddle!

Green was when young

But turned red in old

Just a small size girl

But does many things bold.

(Answer: Chilli)

Have you ever pondered the pleasure and excitement of solving a riddle? Would you like to explore a book on riddles? Riddles for the English Classroom is a unique collection of fifty-seven riddles by Dr. Phool Singh Narvaria, who is an experienced teacher educator from Gwalior, India and has documented numerous folk forms to use in the language classroom. Anand Mahanand is a faculty from the EFL University, Hyderabad and Bhavesh Kumar, a research scholar of the same university.

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