N.S. Ramaswami

More than a century of Indian cricket history is comprehended in this succinct work, Indian Cricket. The book deals with first-class cricket in India and also touches on the tours by Indian teams abroad and by foreign teams in India.

Reviewed by: Murali Iyengar
Chandra K. Sharma

Book selection represents the sphere of librarianship which distinguishes the profession from many other occupations. There has been a controversy in the past whether the process of book selection is an ‘art’ or ‘science’.

Reviewed by: G.S. Jolly
B R Nanda

When one opens a volume like this with an impressive array of contributors, one does so with a certain expectation. But this volume disappoints totally. B.R. Nanda’s introductory article sets a tone for the rest of the book. It is an uninspired piece of writing and only summarizes what the other eleven articles have to say.

Reviewed by: C.S.G. Prasad
Satish Kumar

The stubborn facts of history and politics are often hidden from the public gaze. Jawaharlal Nehru lifted the curt­ain a little on this in one of his statements, ‘ … It is very well to talk about foreign policy. But you will appreciate that no person charged with a country’s foreign policy can really say very much about it.

Reviewed by: Sudhir Chandra Mathur
William Cenkner

Studies on the national movement and the movements for social reform during the nineteenth and twentieth cen­turies have often dwelt on the influence of western liberal thought on Indian leaders who spearheaded those move­ments.

Reviewed by: Karuna Ahmad
G.D. Khosla

During the recent Emergency, anyone who wanted to get the real news went over to the nearest newspaper office and, if he had a trustworthy friend, asked him if he could have a look at the list of for­bidden items from the censor. Till a few years ago, anyone who wanted to know what the Central Board…

Reviewed by: Amita Malik
Giri Raj Gupta

The Indian family has always been a subject of great fascination for sociologists and social anthropologists. This fascina­tion owes itself to the emphasis placed in the Indian tradition upon joint family living and the central place accorded to the domestic unit in ritual and religious activities…

Reviewed by: Imtiaz Ahmed
Penderel Moon

The three and a half years of Lord Wavell’s Viceroyalty from October 1943 to March 1947 was probably the most difficult and momentous period of office that any Viceroy has had to face.

Reviewed by: Uma Iyengar
Biplab Dasgupta and W.O. Morris-Jones

Election behaviour has been taken as an important component of political behaviour and therefore much research attention has been directed towards

Reviewed by: Kuldeep Mathur
B.B. Misra

The behaviour of Indian political parties in pre-independence days is no doubt fascinating, though only of acade­mic interest. If one is to write about events which occurred half a century and more ago, it is inevitable that one must turn to official and other documents to be found in archives, British and Indian…

Reviewed by: K. Rangaswamy
Nihar K. Sarkar

This volume contains a collection of papers on different aspects of private foreign investment in Asia. The contri­butors are the members of the Joint Re­search Team set up by the United Natio­ns Economic and Social Council for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP).

Reviewed by: Vijay Laxman Kelkar
H. Venkatasubbiah

This is a book spanning a period of 50 years, from 1927 when the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry was established to the eve of 1977, which is the Golden Jubilee year of the organization.

Reviewed by: R.V. Raman