TCA Sharad Raghavan
THE BLOCK PRINTED TIGER by By Joeanna Rebello Fernandes. Pictures by Nina Sabnani and Piyush Verma Tulika Graphix, 2022, 32 pp., INR 265.00
November 2023, volume 47, No 11

A fabulous use of colour and imagery—in keeping with the theme of the book. It’s about a tiger, Foxy Farouqi, escaping from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and heading straight to Japiur. Why? Not to eat laal maas, but instead to get his striped coat block printed, of course!
It’s a very cute story that also features a vibrant use of colour that’s not just appealing to the eye, especially of those of children, but also flows very well with the text. What’s more, the story deftly weaves in traditional Indian handicraft and textile techniques into the story, neatly introducing these names into the lexicon that the little readers are exposed to. Of course, the rhyming structure of the text too adds to the fun.
It’s a fun and relatable story for parents as well, since the tiger’s initially dull coat and subsequent striking makeover is something we all can appreciate!