Interpreting Epigraphy
Rajan Gurukkal
SOUTH INDIA UNDER THE CHOLAS by Y. Subbarayalu Oxford University Press, 2013, 274 pp., 675
December 2013, volume 37, No 12

From the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction comes another evocative novel with Indian-American theme! Subash and Udayan are blood brothers. Born a year apart, theirs is an idyllic childhood, like many others in suburban India. Growing up in a lower middle class home, in suburban Calcutta, the area of Tollygunge, home of the eponymous club, the personality attributes of the two brothers come to the fore early on. Subash, older, cautious, wont to play it by the book, from the outset; Udayan, impulsive, daring, unconventional, rebel without a cause! From the very beginning Subash is left thinking ‘I wish I had done that’, as Udayan manages to pull off one stunt after another with aplomb, remaining despite his misdemeanors, the apple of all eyes. Although incredibly close, their paths diverge in college, Subash proceeding to read engineering, Udayan physics.

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