Alternative Paradigms

The renewed presence of religion in the public sphere has allowed many to question the relevance of an extended cling to the conventional western usage of secularism or many of its existing forms and has initiated a new political discourse which although it doesn’t manifest in an anti-secularist or ‘alternative to secularism’ discourse in any way has set into motion a new ‘alternative secularism’ discourse.

Challenges And Variables

In general, national security is the sum total of the stability of the state and is measured using indicators of military security, economic security, resource security, regime steadiness, social order and a general sense of wellbeing. In case of a large developing democratic country like India, national security is subject to more variables than the standard definition of this term and it also includes, history, regional order, systemic structures anarchy or otherwise, neighbours and interactions, interests of external actors and the interplay of these variables with other details that fall under the grand rubric of national interest.