A Brief History

A Brief History

S.S. Bhattacharya

By Ram Rahul
Vikas, New Delhi, 1978, pp. 154, Rs. 36.00

VOLUME III NUMBER 5 March/April 1979

The title of this book is something of a misnomer. After India and China clashed in 1962 to establish their respec­tive claims over their frontiers in the Himalayas interested scholars in their quest to find out the truth about the different claims started vigorous research to trace out the history of the Sino-­Indian frontier in the Himalayan region at least since the Simla Conference of 1914 when the boundary between Tibet and North East India was settled.

Lyrical Prose

The book starts off quietly and gently, almost too quietly—the same momentum is sustained throughout—but gradually draws the reader into the world created by the author. There are fascinating glimpses into the world of Sudan in the 1950s and the tentative forays into modernity, all seen through the eyes of a wealthy and influential family that has had its share of tragedy and relationship conflict issues.

Of Vibrant Hybridity

Savia Viegas’s debut novel Tales from the Attic (2007) brought to life the fascinating but fast vanishing world of a Catholic community in South Goa. The novella’s protagonist Mari is in an operation theatre for hysterectomy. In the process of losing consciousness under the care of an impatient anesthetist, she reminisces about her childhood in a village in Salcete where every one ‘had the same surname and shared a blood kinship and had big empty houses.