Analysing a Tragedy

Looking at ‘India’ from the long-drawn historical point of view, it is a country (and an idea as well) that has primarily grown by accretion. The inclusion and subsequent exclusion of Burma both were peripheral colonial acts. The Partition of India in 1947 was significantly different inasmuch as it was made by the peoples of India as much as by the colonial power. Before the country was divided, the peoples of India had become divided through their own numerous acts of commission and omission.

In the Name of Diplomacy

Krishnan Srinivasan has worked at high levels in the Foreign Service and the Commonwealth Secretariat. He has spent several years in Africa where he seems to have acquired an insider’s perspective into the shuffle and elbowing that go by the name of diplomacy in most countries. This is Srinivasan’s second book, which he describes as his prequel to The Eccentric Effect, published in 2001.