A Tryst with Souza’s Art
Dolly Thakore
F.N. SOUZA: THE ARCHETYPAL ARTIST by By Janeita Singh Niyogi Books, 2024, 320 pp., INR 4500.00
July 2024, volume 48, No 7

This starts as a very personal indulgence.

My first interest in ‘reviewing’ began with my first job in 1963 when I was introduced to Broadcasting, Art, Theatre, Culture and heard about the Progressive Artists Group formed just after Independence. I got acquainted with names like Walter Langhammer, Emanuel Schlesinger, and Rudolf von Leyden who introduced the artistic culture of the city with a taste for European modernism and patronized the development of an Indian modernism related to this. My antenna was sharpened to all things cultural when I met Preminda Premchand for whom I recorded my first book review programme for Voice of America even before All India Radio began to dominate my life.

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