RamG Vallath
FACEBOOK PHANTOM by Suzanne Sangi Duckbill Books, 2013, 223 pp., 199
November 2013, volume 37, No 11

Suzanne Sangi’s Facebook Phantom has taken the popular teenage concept of ‘Facebook-stalking’ to a completely new level.

The protagonist, Sonali Machado—or Li to her friends—is pleasantly surprised when she finds herself ‘friends’ on Facebook with a handsome youth, Omi Daan. Even though she finds Omi mysterious and strange in the beginning, his winning charm and good looks draw Li strongly to him. Over time, Omi becomes an obsession and she ignores all else for the sake of spending every waking moment with him.

The lighthearted story takes on a strange and dark twist when Li finds Omi invading not only her waking moments, but also her dreams; dark and strange dreams. Finally, Li confides all to her best friends, Neel and Joanne. But is it already too late?

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