Tolstoy Remembered

Kalpana Sahni’s selection of reminis­cences on Tolstoy translated for the first time into English, brings to life the 19th century literary scene in Russia. This book is an attempt to show the many­-sided personality of Tolstoy through the memoirs of his relatives, friends, acquain­tances and contemporaries. Tolstoy’s 150th birth anniversary coincided with the pub­lication of hitherto unpublished material on him, in the USSR.

Beyond Universal Solutions

Despite being consciously underestimated’ and described in anodyne terms as ‘unconventional’ or ‘irregular’ conflict’ the fact is that ‘insurgency’ has been the most common form of warfare in history. Conventional or regular conflict’ in brief’ ‘wars’ as commonly understood’ is the exception’ rather than the rule’ if past conflicts were to be reviewed.